Friday, June 10, 2016

Kokoro Connect Volume 05 - Random Fakes


I saw — it. No, no, what am I writing? That didn’t count. I didn’t see it. Nor did I hear it. I don’t know anything. There is nothing at all!!

Because I know — that was just an illusory dream. Right, it was definitely a dream.

Besides, there’s no way something like that can happen in reality. So, my world definitely didn’t change.

Yes, today is also the same day as always, tomorrow will also be a normal day, nothing will change the day after tomorrow, so I shouldn’t have any high hopes for the day after that — day after day, tomorrow also slips away.

But — this forever unchanging sequence really gets on my nerves. I really — hate it.

I’ll sleep early today then, I’m tired anyway, it’s making my mind a little dizzy. I’ll leave it until tomorrow, tomorrow’s going to be a good day.

Of course — as long as it’s unchanged.
Whatever, forget it. Goodnight

CHAPTER 1: Sports Festival

“Come on, let’s discuss matters about the Sports Festival.” said Setouchi Kaoru, the class representative.

It was the second half of June at Yamaboshi High School, on Monday, sixth period, during the class meeting. The class was discussing the Sports Festival that was going to be held in early July.

“Boys, go to the male sports committee member, Watase-kun, and girls,go to the female sports committee member, Kurihara!” ordered Setouchi Kaoru, who had gotten completely used to the duties of a class representative. Under her short black hair, a pair of shiny, very noticeable earrings displayed themselves on her earlobes. She gave a strong impression of a well-dressed honor student.

The students stood up one by one, chattering to one another. Yaegashi Taichi began to walk as well.

“Ah, it’s the Sports Festival season again! It really makes you excited, right Yaegashi-kun!” said Nakayama Mariko, grinning. Nakayama was a girl who always smiled cheerfully, and her twintails were her selling points.

“Yeah.” Taichi replied, nodding.
“Tsk-tsk-tsk, that was too short of a reply, Yaegashi-kun! At least say two words, just two words!”

Although her pushy behavior made Taichi somewhat uncomfortable, she was on good terms with Nagase, so Taichi often talked with her as well.

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