Friday, June 10, 2016

Kokoro Connect Volume 04 - Random Courses


[ This is still wrong. This isn't what I wanted. I can no longer play the role of the perfect me.

No more. I've reached my limits. Impossible. I can't do it.

Was I a liar?

I didn't lie. I really, really didn't lie. I absolutely did not lie.
Yet, reality is getting further from my ideals.

——The reason why I liked him was maybe because I thought my liking him was the expression of my ideal form——

I can't do it anymore.
I can no longer play the role of the perfect me.

...Nor can I be even the normal me. ]

Chapter 1 - A Love Confession by Yaegashi Taichi 

The appearance of «Heartseed», and the occurrence of aberrant phenomena——These events may serve as valid reasons for distress. However, only a coward would use them as excuses.

Not to mention, they had sworn together.

As long as they keep it under control, they would overcome it together. And then, if possible, make it truly the end.

Their countermeasure was to continue living normally.

It had already been a week since then. Nothing has happened so far, so there shouldn't be any problem.

In order to not fall behind everyone else, he too treated his current situation as part of his reality and went about his life as usual.

Yaegashi Taichi had come to his resolution.

Today, he would end his half-hearted situation with his own hands. He will not allow himself to remain spoiled any longer.

The day was the thirteenth of February, one day before Valentine's Day.
This was his personal deadline.

Gifting chocolate on Valentine's Day is a special tradition thanks to the efforts of Japanese confectionery making and retailing industry.

There are occasions where people would give chocolate to their friends or simply have some for themselves, but between boys and girls, this tradition holds a single, significant meaning.

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