Friday, June 10, 2016

Kokoro Connect Volume 03 - Random Past

Prologue - January 1 of This Year 

On New Year's Day, Yaegashi Taichi visited the local shrine.

This area was usually calm and relaxing, but today it was thriving with worshipping visitors and street vendors.

Among the crowd veiled with the aroma of spice and sweets, Taichi and Inaba Himeko, who was dressed in a black long coat, were panic-strickened.

"Gah——Darn it! I don't see him on this side either."

Inaba let out a white breath and ran her fingers through her windblown, mid-length straight black hair.

"Inaba you couldn't find him either? ...Where did he go?"
"Where did he go~"


One of Taichi's hands was holding onto the hand of a girl who looked like a shrunken, grade-schooler Kiriyama Yui, and his other hand was holding onto the hand of a girl who looked like a shrunken, kindergartener Nagase Iori. The two girls echoed the conversation.

Taichi's company of five came for Hatsumode [1] , but one of them got lost on the way.
"I guess we really shouldn't have come to this crowded place..."

Inaba responded to what Taichi said in a displeased tone:
"We're already here, it can't be helped."

"Can't be helped~"

"We have to find him quickly... It'd be dangerous for an ordinary child to get caught in any trouble, not to mention his current state..."

Very dangerous indeed.

"You don't need to remind me, I know it's bad. Pfft! I should've given him my cell phone... But then he's gonna play with it and mess it up..."

"We should say that coming here to worship was a bad idea to begin with."

"Quit complaining. Taichi, you're the one who said 'We made a promise to celebrate New Year together after all' and voted for it."

"Voted for it~!"

"You've been noisy the whole time, you two brats over there!"
As if to vent her frustration, Inaba lashed out at them.

But the Kiriyama Yui look-alike and Nagase Iori look-alike didn't seem to have heard her at all.


"These two are hopeless... it's never going to end. Forget it, let's hurry up and find Ao... I mean, Yoshifumi."

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