Friday, June 10, 2016

Kokoro Connect Volume 02 - Random Wounds


Without any warning.
"Do it."

A voice echoing so clearly that it would make one sick.
The voice echoed, sending a chilling feeling through the spine as if it were directly whispering to it.

Who was it?
Though this thought came up, it was puzzling. That was obviously my own voice.

Meanwhile, this body became hotter.
This face became red, and this head felt dizzy.

As if possessed by drowsiness, my own senses gradually melted away.
My own body slowly escaped my grip.

As if I was not longer myself.
The body attempted to act on its own.

Eaten away by something.
But my consciousness did not fade away, as my thoughts were clear.

Thoughts that went against my will emerged.

A certain feeling of "wanting to" began to rampage in my body. As I tried to suppress that feeling, I was bounced off right away. The impulse only kept on sparking more.

That's enough. Stop it. Shut up. Hold it. You mustn't do that.

My body moved. Even though I didn't want it to, it moved. My mind and body were disconnected. I didn't want to do it yet I really wanted to do it... Strange, did that mean I wanted to do it all along? Hence my body acted according to that wish?

Thoughts against my will that emerged?
Were actually not against my will?

"Make the wish come true."
The voice echoed again.

That was definitely my own voice, but not my will.
Baffling. My head rocking. My body boiling.

And then I noticed the situation before me.
I almost wanted to scream "When did it..." but didn't.

Terrified by what I was about to do.
My heart shouted "Stop it!" but there was no sound.

Watching myself from distant isolation.
My mouth moving.

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