Friday, June 10, 2016

Kokoro Connect Volume 01 - Random People

Chapter 1 : By the Time We Realized It, It Had Already Begun. 

September is a month where most Japanese high school students return to their normal lives from their exotic summer vacation.

Yamaboshi High School is situated in an appointed ordinance-designated city [1] . The school is featured for its carefree learning environment whilst maintaining pretty good grades. Here, students are basically starting to settle down and return to their lessons. Nevertheless, in Yamaboshi High School, there is a cultural festival held annually at the start of September. Therefore, the school is always embraced in an overwhelming and elated atmosphere by the end of the cultural festival.

In the midst of September the atmosphere in the school fades away and is replaced by a calm, yet boisterous, commonplace school life.

Yaegashi Taichi is one of those people that lives a commonplace school life.

In fact, it should be like this.

He didn't even sleep during all six of his lessons, so after finishing the restroom duties with his team he went to the recreation building.

He went from his own classroom, that is, class 1C in the East building, passed through the North building, then entered the recreation building. The four-story Recreation building has been predicted to collapse if repair work is still delayed. His destination is the fourth floor of the building. Of course, there are no lifts in the Recreation building so he must climb up the stairs to reach the top.

He is sent to this undesired location (High school students don't really care for beautiful scenery or good lighting. Not having to climb up the stairs is already the best option.) because of the fact that Taichi belongs to a club that was established just this year; and there are only five club members that
make up this small club.

The club is called the Literature Study Club, which briefly studies the cultures of places around the world... if at all.

After climbing the stairs, he was a bit winded. Taichi looked at the words: "Literature Study Club" printed on an A4-sized paper, and headed into Room 401.

Wind blew from the open windows, gently brushing Taichi's cheeks and swaying his hair. When the fourth floor is reached, the ventilation becomes very good. It feels very cozy in this season.

There was already a club member in the room. Two long tables were placed in the center of the room. Literature Study Club's vice-president Inaba Himeko was sitting at the corner of a table, operating her own laptop computer.

"Oh Inaba, where are the other people?"
"See for yourself."

Inaba, not even checking Taichi's face, replied in a pretty low feminine voice.

Taichi sat on the folding chair and positioned himself towards Inaba. This was when Inaba finally lifted her head to look at Taichi.

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