Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai Volume 4

Prologue – As Sweet as Candy 

“Oh Raishin, what if I do it like this… <3”

Her white fingertip crawling up and down, Yaya gently stroked the front of a certain something.

“Ah, it’s so hard… Ufufu, was Yaya’s fingers that good?”

Raishin let out a small groan—

“… Say, Yaya?”

“Yes? <3”

“Can you wash the dishes quietly? I mean, I’m happy you offered to do the dishes and all, but…”

They were in the ward reserved for patients, which was located on the first floor of the medical faculty, next to the doctor’s office.

There was a washbasin located in a corner of the room, and Yaya was washing the dishes there.

A sulky Yaya turned her head back towards Raishin, addressing him rather thornily.

“Leave me alone. Since Raishin doesn’t want to bother about me, I’m performing image training on these plates.”

“What kind of image training is that!?”

“Image training for washing backs.”

“That’s clearly not a gesture used to wash backs! Why are you extending your hands back and forth!?”

“Ah, maybe a rolling pin, or a frankfurter would be a better—“

A third voice interrupted, causing Raishin and Yaya to turn their heads.

Henr was standing in the doorway, dressed in her maid attire, smiling as she held the laundry.

“Eh… Ah… Um… If you’re washing things, please leave it to me.”

Her ears red, Henri took the plates away from Yaya’s hands.

Yaya began to tremble uneasily.

“Vixen… Are you trying to steal Yaya’s spotlight… and replace Yaya!?”

“The two of you! Don’t teach Henri weird things!”

An indignant voice entered, belonging to the golden-haired beauty, Charl. Her steel-coloured dragon, Sigmund, was perched on top of her hat.

Yaya had a visible look of displeasure on her face.

“… So, you’ve come again, Charlotte.”

“Of course. You have a problem? Even with Henri being protected by people from Nectar, I’m still worried she’ll get assaulted by weird people. As much as possible I have to stick close to her so that she can be safe.”

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