Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai Volume 2

Prologue – The Assassin in White 

“Raishin, you’re so amazing. Yaya is… Yaya is already… Aaaahhhn <3”

In a blissful voice, the girl’s body was trembling all over.

That body wasn’t human, but rather, a high class automaton. With the gentle sunlight filtering through the trees overhead, she was in a good mood as she walked.

This was England, and they were in the Royal Academy of Machinart, Walpurgis. The Night Party was commencing tomorrow, and the entire student body had been caught up in the Night Party fever. Unexpectedly, some of that enthusiasm might have rubbed off onto the girl.

That aside, there was a tinge of annoyance in Raishin’s voice as he spoke.

“Cut that weird voice out, Yaya. People will get the wrong idea again. Especially about me.”

“But you were unbeatable in P.E. I could see the envy in everyone’s eyes during class!”

Yaya hadn’t heard a word he’d said. There was an enraptured look in her eyes as she spun around the place.

“Yaya is so happy. It seems like everyone is finally acknowledging Raishin. They’re recognising how strong he is, how cool he looks, and how he’s only gentle towards Yaya.”

“Your fantasies are leaking out into reality, and your delusions aside, I think you’re making quite the mistake here. This is a school for magi, so there’s nothing “cool” about being good at physical activities whatsoever. … In fact, I might actually be the most barbaric and primitive guy on this campus. I’m so sick of attending makeup lessons day after day.”

He rubbed his stiff brow with his thumbs.

“Even though it’s a Saturday, I have two makeup classes in the afternoon. Let’s just quickly get back to the dormitories so I can pick up my texts. We’ll have lunch in the school cafeteria, then head over to the school building.”

“Ok <3”

Yaya smiled back at him in response. However, once they entered the room, her smile vanished.

In the middle of the plain room, there was a mysterious object swinging about.

It was a net. It looked like something that was used to catch fish, only it was dangling down from the ceiling.

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