Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai Volume 1

The Puppeteer from the Far East 

“Yaya is cute, Yaya is super cute. Yaya is the cutest in the world.”

The girl was clasping her hands together, muttering softly like she was deep in prayer.

The gentle sunlight drifted down, with the rhythmic sound of steam hissing in the background. The train had departed from London, and was now Liverpool-bound. In one of the 2nd class passenger carriages, a scene was unfolding between an odd pair.

The two were Orientals, a youth and a girl.

Their oddity did not extend to their appearance alone. Inexplicably, the girl was leaning over the seat opposite her, as though trying to cover the youth with her body, while whispering strange words to him.

“Yaya is so cute I love Yaya Yaya is so bewitching Yaya is my wife—“

Abruptly, the whispering stopped.

With one eye open, the youth was shooting a sharp glare in her direction.

“… Were you awake, Raishin?”

“What were you doing so close to my ear?”

“Yaya was reciting a charm to make Raishin fall in love with me.”

“Was it really something so cute and innocent? Because it sure felt like you were trying to corrupt me somehow, you know?”

Completely ignoring his retort, the girl calmly pointed out of the window.

“Look, Raishin. We’re already inside Machine City.”

“Ahh, about time we arrived. Travelling half a day from London’s no joke. My butt’s sore from all that sitting.”

“That means the top school in all of Western Europe should be coming into view shortly.”

Grinning happily, the girl pressed herself up against the youth.

“This school houses its students in dormitories right?”


“So when night comes, it’ll be just the two of us to ourselves right?”

“I’d think so…”

“I’m looking forward to many sleepless nights then <3”

“Actually, I’ll be sleeping. If you try anything funny though, I’ll kick you out of the room.”

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