Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Volume 06


It had been a complete coincidence.
No one had been hoping for it.

Whether they were born naturally or artificially created, any living creature was watched by someone. In most cases, they were welcomed. In a few cases, they were detested. Even so, focus was gathered on them in the moment of their birth.

However, that girl was an exception.
"The scans show that she is human, but there are no past data logs of her," explained the L'Isle-Adam secretary.

An office filled an entire floor of a high-rise building. Shiraishi Shouji, a priest of the god Megis, irritatedly tapped his finger against a desk at one end of that office.

He had an oddly sharp look to his eyes that made one think he had reckless younger days. He was the father of Lily Shiraishi, Constant Magic Academy's student council president. As his daughter's personality would suggest, Shouji's mischievous behavior was still going strong even as he passed middle age. The other priests referred to him as a loaded bullet or ammunition dump.

Shouji served Megis who was the god of culture, the arts, and education.

The general image people had of the god was a gentle one far removed from Shouji's attitude. The temple was not located in this high-rise building.

It was inside a building filled with a cultural atmosphere and surrounded by works of art. Shouji worked behind the scenes, but he had a relatively high position among the priests. He was the official in charge of the education field.

"Why does our sect have to handle this?" asked Shouji.
However, he was well aware of the answer. The secretary gave the exact response he had expected.

"Someone not in the family register is normally treated as an illegal immigrant, but for some reason, that girl has received the baptism of Megis."

"And yet there is no data log of her past."

In that empire, people were baptized by a god as soon as they were born. And that god would then record data on every action they took. If their actions were good, they would be given the blessing of being able to use magic. That was the social service the imperial government provided for its

Naturally, the family register was managed differently. Registration of foreigners was managed with a different system from the gods. There were some who refused to be baptized and foreigners would of course not be baptized.

That girl had been found standing alone at the site of the recent demon king war.

According to the knights who had brought her in for protection, she could speak and she knew who she was, but she knew nothing about the land she had been found in.

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