Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Volume 05


From his own perspective, Yamato Bouichirou had already lived for hundreds of years. He would appear and disappear within many different eras, but he experienced disappointment in every one of them.

Those disappointments had made him stronger, but they had also made him stubborn. This was caused by his own inability to resolve the contradiction that existed at the base of his heart. No matter how many years or centuries he spent, he could not resolve that contradiction.

Once, far in the future from the era Akuto and the others live in, Bouichirou had worked in a university research laboratory and had been taught information integration science there. This was before he became a time traveler, so it was the very first era of his life.

"If a certain race has inferior intelligence, it is proper that the superior race guides them."

Those words had been spoken by Sudou Rimu, Bouichirou's guidance teacher.
"You can't mean that!"

Bouichirou's disgust reflexively came to the surface. Racial discrimination was a detestable practice of the past. The system of slavery which had caused so much suffering for so long had certainly been based in the reasoning that those races which had achieved civilization were superior to those which had not. It was a disgusting way of thinking.

But Rimu shook her head with an expression saying that she had predicted his reaction. A hint of disappointment was visible in her eyes. Bouichirou's shoulder's drooped when he saw that expression.

"What kind of cruelty is this?"

While in the research laboratory, Rimu would act as his guidance teacher rather than his lover. And to ensure Bouichirou kept that in mind, she would occasionally ask him cruel questions.

"No. It is not all that cruel."

As she spoke, Rimu let out an obvious sigh. She was a genius in the field of information integration science and her appearance was without fault.

But she held such faith in reason that she did not even attempt to hide her scorn for those who took actions based on emotion. That was her one obvious flaw.

"So even you give that response. But think about it. Those words are absolutely correct in and of themselves," said Rimu in admonition.

"I see," said Bouichirou with a nod. "From a scholarly perspective, I suppose so."

"But when you try to apply it to reality, you suddenly cannot accept it. If an intelligence greater than mankind did exist, who would accept that?"

"Why are you bringing this up?" replied Bouichirou because he could not grasp her intention.
Rimu replied with a much more serious expression than he had expected.

"Because mankind will be destroyed."

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