Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Volume 04


Even at a young age, Sai Akuto had felt somehow out of sync with the world.

He was an orphan. That alone had a good chance of giving him a personality that did not adapt to his surroundings well, but with Akuto, it came from a more fundamental aspect to his personality.

A gentleman had once visited the orphanage he lived in. The gentleman's appearance was more than enough to know he came from an excellent family and was financially wealthy, but he showed no hint of being prideful about it. His speech made it abundantly clear that he had a personality overflowing with kindness and it seemed that donating money for orphans was a natural thing for him.

"I just so happened to be passing by when I learned this is an orphanage. I could hardly ignore it. If it is not a bother, I would like to make a donation."

Akuto was the one receiving the gentleman who smiled and removed his hat. Akuto was a precocious child who was known for being too clever for his age, so the teachers would let him receive any visitors when they were busy.

"Thank you very much, mister. We truly thank you. I will call for someone who can handle that for you, so please wait here a moment."

Akuto was not simply saying what he had been taught to say. His words of thanks were his own. The gentleman seemed incredibly moved to see someone as young as Akuto speaking so smoothly.

"This is a surprise. What a well-mannered child. How about I hand the donation to you? You can then pass it on to whoever is in charge."

The gentleman must have prepared his donation before knocking on the orphanage door because he pulled a white envelope out of his inner coat pocket and handed it to Akuto. The envelope was heavy, so Akuto could tell it had a large sum of money inside. When the gentleman saw Akuto's look of surprise, he smiled kindly and nodded.

"Thank you very much. We cannot give you anything in return, but at least give everyone the opportunity to thank you directly. If you can come in and wait, I will call for everyone," said Akuto as he bowed deeply.

"No, that is not necessary. I have merely done what is completely natural for a follower of the god Ko Ro. Do not thank me; thank my god."

With that humble comment, the gentleman put on his hat and began to leave.
"Please wait. I would rather thank you than your god," said Akuto.

The gentleman stopped and stroked the edge of his hat with a gentle expression.

"You must not. I have done nothing. This is the benevolence of god. It was all thanks to my god leading me to this place."

Those words were not an attempt to hide his embarrassment. The gentleman's tone of voice made it clear they were rooted in his deep piety.

If he had been speaking to a normal child, this would have ended as nothing but a good memory for the orphanage.

However, he was speaking with Akuto.

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