Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Volume 03


That girl was as beautiful as a doll. Her green hair and green eyes caught the eye. Her well-featured face was beautiful, but no expression could be seen there.

She was a L'Isle-Adam.

That was a thinking artificial object that stood at the pinnacle of magical society. She was not just as beautiful as a doll; she was a doll. That was why the odd name of Korone suited her so well and why the odd situation she was currently in was so appropriate for her.

Korone stood tall in a field during the evening while surrounded by a screen displaying video footage. This screen was created by gathering the tiny particles in the atmosphere known as mana. It wrapped around her like a tube of translucent plastic, so from a distance, she looked like a doll
inside in a tube-shaped package.

The screen displayed ten men in suits whose faces were hidden by a video effect. They were all sitting in chairs, but the chairs and walls behind them were all different. It seemed they were all being filmed in different places and displayed on the same screen.

"I believe I sent in the data for my report," spoke Korone comfortably.
However, her voice always sounded the same, so no actual emotion could be taken from it.

Whether that was a simple observation or a complaint was hard to tell, but then one of the men on the screen opened his mouth to speak. His voice was altered to hide his identity.

"Part of being human is being unable to relax unless we actually see the person's face and hear their voice from time to time."

Another man replied without waiting for Korone to say anything.
"We are of course not talking about your face, Korone-kun. We mean us. Speaking via you is a good way of coming to a consensus."

"But you are all hiding your faces and voices," pointed out Korone.

None of the men could tell if she was trying to make a joke or not, so several clicks of the tongue and bitter laughs could be heard simultaneously.

"Is an artificial human dissatisfied with the system? It only matters that we can see each other."

"Do not get so upset with her. An artificial human is a system as well. Do not forget that they have been made so they will not be completely controlled by humans. Humans have a tendency of doing atrocious things to the slaves they have complete control over. That is why artificial humans have been made to talk back and make jokes."

"I know that. And making objections is fine. Artificial humans have feelings too. And the sense of self that does not initially exist begins to appear as time passes from their creation. The principle behind this is still unknown, though."

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