Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Volume 11


A room contained an antique leather chair and a table that showed off the rings of the tree it was made from. But the room had no furnishings besides the desk, the chair, and the abstract painting on the wall.

The room was located in the center of the imperial capital and the palace was visible from the window. Some strange people were gathered inside.

Mask-like objects hid some of their faces, but their silhouettes were very strange looking. On the other hand, those who left their faces exposed had well-featured faces. Everyone in the group seemed to draw the eye in some way or another.

"If the Jewel Branch of Hourai's seal has been broken, those with imperial blood will gather in the empire."

One of them spoke. His appearance was well suited for his behavior which was showy to the point of seeming sarcastic. His name was Kurahashi Kento. He was a member of CIMO 8 and he had the greatest brains and abilities of the group. His codename was USD, he was rumored to have the greatest intellect of the human race, and he was the one member who did not hide his identity.

"Whoever those people may be, I want to make it clear that we will ultimately ally with the current empress."

Kento looked around at the other members in search of agreement.
It was clear he had the most influence of the group. But one voice did rise in argument.

"You always jump right to the conclusion. For one thing, the government can't interfere with the empress. And isn't CIMO 8 a group of individualists?"

None of the people there were moving their mouths, but the voice was definitely there.
Kento replied without a hint of confusion.

"And as individualists, we were forced to join together for our original objective. And that original objective is of course what Yamato Bouichirou wanted. And that is…"

The voice from nowhere finished Kento's sentence as if to say it understood.
"To appease the extra-universal beings. And if that fails, to fight and defeat them."

The voice then added its own thought.
"I think our chances of appeasing them are greater."

"I hope you are right," said Kento coldly as he looked down at his feet.

A large dog was curled up there. It had long hair, so its eyes and drooping ears were almost completely buried below the fur. If it had not moved, it would have looked like a large mop.

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