Monday, June 6, 2016

Heavy Object Volume 6 - Path to the Third Generation - The Coming of Third Generation


Clean wars in a clean age.

In and of itself, that is not a bad thing. But it is not good to remain stagnant.

I've never heard of things turning out well when that happens.

Objects rule the battlefield nowadays. And the second generation ones have an overwhelming advantage over the first generation ones. It probably isn't long before the exact formula for victory is worked out and wars leave the actual battlefields and are worked through like board games.

That's no fun.

The equation for victory would gather wealth in one place, and financial stagnation brings about the decay we know too well.

Neither this age nor its wars can be called "clean". I'm not trying to say we need war and I'm not trying to make some laughable indulgences that justify war as good. But this world will never be rid of war. We may change what form it takes, but we will never be rid of it. And so I think the quality of
the age we live in can be determined by whether we bring our inevitable wars to a cleaner state or not.

The victims should be kept to a minimum, and the victory and wealth that naturally remains stagnant in one place should be stirred up and moved around.

That is my idea of a clean war.

But that will be difficult with the existing Objects. We know almost all the values regarding both the first and second generation Objects. Just like with financial trading programs, something that has achieved optimization will only produce stagnation.

A new game piece is needed.

Something is needed that will break the bottom out of the optimization that is being built up.

I'm sure someone will achieve it eventually, but I hate having to wait. I figure it will be fastest if I complete it myself.

I've grown sick of these wars.

It's about time I destroyed it all.

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