Monday, June 6, 2016

Heavy Object Volume 5 - Festival of Death - Purge of Technopics


This is Monica, your battlefield idol reporter who can both sing and kill!

Oh, but this is different from my normal fare. We have no interest in clean battlefields today. There will be Objects, though. The opening ceremony parade should be quite a sight.

Yes, this is the summer games of the Technopics, that worldwide sports festival held every four years!!

I have arrived at Olympia Dome, the giant man-made island floating in the Atlantic Ocean that is the site of the games. The Legitimacy Kingdom, Information Alliance, Capitalist Corporations, and Faith Organization that normally fight it out on the battlefield will be gathering here to create a singular atmosphere that is overflowing with sportsmanship!!

...If only they could always be like this.

Oh, right, right. I will now interview some of the people entering Olympia Dome. Let's start with the type of celebrity that comes to watch peaceful sports matches between warring nations! Yes, you over there! I would like to speak with you!!

With the Technopics beginning safely once more, what event are you looking forward to the most?

...What? No, not that. Could you answer my ques— ...Eh? You think this is not a sports festival but a proxy war fought by the athletes from the different nations? You think human engineering moving from developing the clothes and shoes of the athletes to developing the athletes themselves has turned this into nothing more than a technological presentation by the different world powers that are powerful enough to own several Objects? Could you just answer my quest— ...What? You work for
a textile corporation and you are only here to search for a military business partner? I didn't ask about that!!


Umm, there might be some people here on business related to war, but the Technopics is basically – basically!! – a peaceful festival! It is not a festival of death in any way shape or form!!

Okay, let's get back on track by speaking to that parent and child over there!

Excuse me!!

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