Monday, June 6, 2016

Heavy Object Volume 3 - Shadow of the Giants - Global Shadow



Which one do you belong to?

The Legitimacy Kingdom, the Information Alliance, the Capitalist Corporations, or the Faith Organization?

There are many different world powers. There are even more if you include more unusual places like the moon and blank areas that belong to none of the others.

Well, it really doesn't matter which one you belong to.

You can just choose which one best matches your principles and your tastes.
That's all that really matters.

Almost half the world is covered by safe countries where no other weapons exist and that are protected by the powerful Objects owned by their respective world powers. And if you go to the moon, a blank area, or anywhere else that is deemed to be away from any major trouble based on
the flow of worldly matters, you can have a similarly peaceful life.


If you are looking through the world powers in search of a perfect paradise that lacks any of the problems of this world…well, let me stop you right now.

It isn't that simple.

A place like that may exist in the world, but I certainly have never heard of one.

There will always be problems.
There will always be faults.

Ha ha. What's with that sullen look? An excellent reaction. Those are the eyes of someone who has not yet given up hope. To be honest, I'm jealous. Since you made me jealous, I'll tell you a bit of a story. Oh, don't worry. Someone with that look in their eyes won't be swayed even slightly by a little story like this.

That's right.

Okay, how about I get started?

This is a story about the shadows of those world powers you believe in so much.

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