Monday, June 6, 2016

Heavy Object Volume 2 - Adoption War - An Audition War


The accepted theories of history are easily overturned.

Take iron for example.

In what era and by what culture was iron first used?

Anyone who answered "the Hittites in the 1400s BCE" are outdated. Since the materials created when iron is smelted were excavated in ruins even older than that in Western Asia, it became clear that theory was incorrect.

It is possible some old textbooks do not contain this newer information, so be careful.

However, there is no way to be sure these Western Asian ruins are the correct answer either. It is possible that iron will be discovered in even older ruins a few years down the road. Once that happens, the information written here will be the same as those old textbooks.

This is nothing special.
It happens in every field.
And Objects are no exception.

The main bodies of those giant machines alone are over 50 meters and the length of the main cannon brings that total even higher. They weigh over 200,000 tons. Those monsters have thick nuclear shelter-level armor, their JPlevelMHD reactors have much greater outputs than nuclear reactors, and that great energy is used to fully power over 100 weapons.

Currently, Objects are said to be the strongest.

Be it the army, the navy, or the air force, no military force can stand up to them, so those giant weapons have become known as synonymous with war. War has become battles between Objects and the winner of the war is decided once one of the two machines ceases to function.

It is quite the established theory.
People believe that no one will ever overturn that theory.

However, no one can ever know when an established theory of history will be overturned. It is possible that someone from a few years in the future would laugh at us if they heard this conversation.

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