Monday, June 6, 2016

Heavy Object Volume 1


In the end, war did not end.

Even in an age where development had reached every corner of the planet Earth, high output lasers could easily launch shuttles, and some of the most powerful people had villas on the moon, it seemed nothing had been done to fill the gaps between people's hearts. Well, supplement companies that sold digitalized "comfort" and "spiritualism" were not uncommon, but even so, the basic mechanism that brought conflict between people could not be removed from their mentality.

Was the change in the rules of war by the appearance of a new kind of weapon just another type of salvation for humanity? Or did it mean humanity had fallen even lower?

Yes, there was a change.

The people who got so immersed in their ridiculous killing changed as well.

It was all thanks to the giant weapons known as Objects.

Just the main body of these new weapons measured at over 50 meters and the guns added even more to their size. Their appearance caused the book on war to be completely rewritten. Large groups of soldiers no longer killed each other directly on the battlefield. Instead, the most important thing was to get the strongest Object to the battlefield in perfect condition.

Tanks, fighters, and other previous main players became weapons of a bygone era.

Normal machine guns, shells, and missiles were treated like mere peashooters.

That was simply how much more powerful the Objects were.

When a certain island nation presented the first of those weapons, the rest of the world feared it and an allied force from 14 other countries carried out a combined surprise attack on the prototype Object…and the Object repelled them all. At the end of the battle, a nuclear strike was carried out
over the Pacific Ocean, but the scene of the Object continuing to sink the allied fleet even as half of it melted like ice under the hot sun was in every history textbook.

That island nation remained at the leading edge of Object development and it was clear just how powerful a presence the Objects were.

Unsurprisingly, Objects became synonymous with war.

So what about everyone else?

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