Monday, June 13, 2016

Harem Castle

Chapter 1: Farewell, My Distant Days 

“Come at me harder!”

With that sharp shout, a wooden sword spun like a windmill and flew into the clear blue sky.

The Ishtar Kingdom was one of the fortress city-states on the west side of the continent and this was a training ground on the outskirts of the royal capital.

After falling onto his butt, a knight apprentice boy watched his lost weapon fly away.

Once he saw it land with a dry thunk, he hesitantly looked up and found a woman with long, dark brown hair and similarly colored eyes. She did not leave a single opening as she stood with a wooden sword in one hand.

She was incredibly tall for a woman. Long silver boots hugged her smooth legs, simple silver waist armor covered her hips, silver chest armor wrapped around her chest, and silver gauntlets protected her hands.

Her tense upper arms, thighs, and stomach were left boldly exposed by her revealing combat gear, but the seemingly defenseless areas were protected by magic jewels which meant the armor had no real

This mixture of functional beauty and aesthetic beauty was the ideal form of the light fighter type of female knight. She looked like a well-tempered saber and the nickname Silver War Goddess fit her perfectly However, her ferocious expression seemed out of place on delicate face with a prominent bridge of the nose and long slit-like eyes.

“Felix! Never let go of your weapon on the battlefield! And I don’t even know what to say about you blankly watching it go! Do you want to die!? Get back on your feet!”

The angry female knight’s name was Ursula and the boy was her servant.

A knight apprentice would act as their knight leader’s servant. While taking care of that knight, they would learn how to be a knight through the master’s everyday life. It was very much like a traditional master and apprentice relationship.

Currently, Felix was receiving personal training from this beautiful and dignified master.

The apprentice was unarmed when he hurriedly hopped to his feet, but his fierce master still sent her wooden sword out toward him.

The difference in strength was clear as day. And the boy had even less of a chance without his weapon. Nevertheless, she showed no sign of holding back.

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