Saturday, June 4, 2016


Murder Recipe

There was no day I’d miss hearing that name.

“Tsukimori is so lovely. . . ,” muttered my classmate Kamogawa mixed with a sigh, upon which the other male students around him nodded deeply.

“Listen guys: don’t let that slender body deceive you!

Got me? She’s also got. . . boobs!”

Their insolent gazes were focused on the girl in debate, Tsukimori, who was surrounded by a group of girls, chattering. If I were to describe Youko Tsukimori in one word: she was eye-catching.

“Don’t you agree Nonomiya?”

“If you say so.”

“Wow, now that’s a cold reply! Are you really a man?

If there’s a mountain, climb it! If there’s a beautiful chick, fall for her! Isn’t that what it means to be a man?”

The guys, led by Kamogawa, began to show over-exaggerated reactions to my indifferent answer.
“Well, I just thought she’s perfect.”

She had a beautiful face, supplemented by a nice figure and outstanding grades. Even in regards to her personality she was rather popular. Apparently, she was also good in sports. Youko Tsukimori seemed to be a perfect girl without anything to complain about.

“How’s that bad?”
“I never said it’s bad. It’s just that I can’t relax around her.”

“Aah, that’s true. Tsukimori is a girl beyond our reach after all. . . ”
Fortunately, Kamogawa interpreted my statement to his convenience.

My honest impression was that she was so perfect it was boring and being around her would be suffocating.

Maybe it’s just that my personality is a little warped, but I’ve secretly been keeping a distance from Tsukimori because I couldn’t discover a common ground between us.

However, the guys seemed to be highly interested in the famous girl and started discussing rumors about Tsukimori as if they were gossiping about some star.

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