Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Volume 7

Chapter 1 – Invitation of the <Great Doctor>

“──So, what do you want to talk about?”

Courtyard of Seidoukan Academy. As soon as they arrived at the arbor, Julis cut to the chase.

In the student council room, Ayato declared that he would join Claudia’s team and on his way home after the five team members for the <Gryps> were settled ── Ayato took Julis out with him as he said that there was something that he wanted to speak with her.

“As usual, you’re going right to the point, eh.”
“It’s my nature, so I can’t help it. Besides, it’s really cold outside.”

The season was exactly past the beginning of midwinter.

Although not as cold as in Lieseltania, where they were until the other day. Even so, by just standing like this one could understand that the cold was gradually permeating to the body’s core.

“In that case, shall we look for some other place?”
It wasn’t necessary to have the talk here.

“Well whatever. If you’ve expressly brought me to a place like this, it means that you don’t want others to hear our conversation, right?”

“No, it’s not that. I eventually intend to tell everyone about it. Just… Julis, I thought that I have to talk with you first.”

When Ayato said so, Julis slightly knitted her brows.

“Hmm… Well, looking at your face, I can guess that it isn’t that pleasant a talk. Let’s quickly get it over with. From tomorrow on, we’ll be busy in various ways regarding the <Gryps> after all.”

The order for the team to commence had appeared from Claudia without delay, and they were to gather in the training room tomorrow.

“Yes, I know.”

As Ayato took a short pause there, he opened his mouth facing Julis head on.

“I’ve already told you about the hospital, but there is still something about it that I haven’t told yet.”

The other day, Ayato received a report from Madiath and was finally able to meet with his big sister. But, it looked like his big sister cast her ability to herself and has been sleeping as is for five years. And even Yan Korbel, the hospital director, had no means to cancel it ── he already discussed this matter with everyone including Julis.

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