Saturday, June 4, 2016

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Volume 6 - Pocket Country's Victorious War

Chapter 1 - Each Beginning 

In a room where the moonlight of the late fall illuminated, Claudia deeply sank her body in a sofa.

Her long, rich blond hair had softly become wet and her body which was covered only with a bathrobe had become slightly flushed. A space window for voice communication floated at her side and transmitted a perplexed voice.

“──I’m sorry, but no matter how much you insist, I can’t yield there.”

After Claudia spoke in a calm voice, the person in the other side of the space window repeated the same thing with an irritated tone.

“Yes… Of course, I’m aware of all this. I thank you for the advice.”

Claudia revealed a light smile and casually closed the space window.

And she slowly spat out a breath; lengthily, deeply as if trying to spit out all the dregs which she had in the bottom of her stomach.

Of course, there was no way that what had filled Claudia on the inside would disappear with such a thing.

There was one and only way to deal with it.

“I have finally come this far. What is left is…”

After Claudia spoke and stood up, she headed to the window.

While being flooded with the moonlight which poured down over the thin lace, she hugged her body with both hands.

“Fufufu, like this, there is no turning back.”
She laughed in self-derision and whispered as if to persuade herself.

Claudia’s wish which she held since that day.
The sole hope given to her within her nightmare which continued every night.

There would probably not be a single person who would understand it. Even if it was laughed at for being foolish or discarded at being worthless when she revealed it, she was sure that there was no one who would seriously scramble for it.

After all, even Claudia herself thought so.

But precisely because she had clung to that helpless, foolish and worthless wish, Claudia could exist here like this now.

Whether it was her position of Seidoukan Academy Student Council President, her fame of being ranked #2, her objective of winning the <Gryps>, or in the first place, the fact that she had come to this Asterisk, all of these were merely preparations in order to arrive at her wish.

Even so, it would probably be difficult for Claudia to fulfill her wish. In terms of likelihood, it was fine even if there was one chance in ten thousand.

However, it was not zero.
“──Now, I will have you follow this dance, Ayato. After all, the main stage for me starts here.”

As she said as if savoring it, Claudia quietly closed her eyes.

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