Saturday, June 4, 2016

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Volume 5 - Phoenix Champion's Decisive Battle

Chapter 1 - The First Semifinal Match

"ーI see. No wonder Camilla-sama is that interested to you, Sasamiya Saya."

Rimsi who slowly stood up within the cloud of dust said so and thuddingly brushed up her hair.

The light bullet shot by Saya should have definitely been a direct hit, but judging from her appearance, she did not feel damage at all.

But, upon close inspection, the huge gun type Lux which Rimsi was holding in her hand was destroyed. Seemingly, she abruptly used it as a shield to defend against the attack.

Which means that Rimsi did not have a function to deploy a defensive barrier like Ardi after all.
Though that was also guessed from her outward appearance, perhaps Rimsi was a long-range attack type specialized in mobility and Ardi was a close range attack type specialized in defense.

"I admire your technique to control that extremely unstable Lux with such precision. What's more, it was a more than a perfect timing on top of having completely seen through my attack. That was really wonderful."

Rim said with an unusually calm tone and a cold expression.

"Though it will be repeating what Kirin had said just now to that big junk. Your attacks are based on accurate, perfect predictions. But, that's why it's easy to deal with them."

"…All right. The reason why Master gave us a personality and a heart was so that we could also taste such humiliation. Those words of yours, I have certainly carved them in my heart."

As Saya curtly answered with Waldenholt's muzzle still turned towards Rimsi, Rimsi slightly frowned and threw away the remains of the Lux which she held in her hands.

At the same time, the huge unit which she carried on her back activated and emitted a green light while letting a high-pitched tone resound.

"In that case, I shall respond with all my might."When Rimsi said so, a gun type Lux appeared again in her right hand and her body lightly floated. And, as a conspicuously big green light swelled up, Rimsi soared up in the air at an intense speed.

『U,Uh-oh, player Rimsi flew!? She flew!』

『S-So that thing on her back was a flight unit. Those with flight ability are not so rare, but it's a different story when it comes to players able to pile up training of only doing full battles freely in the sky.』

While hearing the voices of the live reporter and the commentator, Saya chased Rimsi's figure with her gaze.

Certainly among the Strega and Dante, there were those who could fly freely by application of the ability (actually, it was also so for Julis), and even without a size like that of Rimsi's flight unit, personal flight modules could be put in practical use.

But as the commentator said, it was another issue when it came to the question of whether or not they could become useful in combat. Of course, basically it worked advantageously to take a position higher than the opponent, but if one could not cope with the movements of a Starpulse Generation on the ground, such advantage had no meaning.

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