Saturday, June 4, 2016

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Volume 4 - Shattered Recollection

Chapter 1 - The Master of World Dragon

The entire site of the World Dragon Seventh Institute, which was located in the southeast area of Asterisk, was covered with innumerable buildings connected by corridors. It was dotted with gardens and open spaces, as the buildings were surrounded by them, which mimicked the traditional Chinese-style architecture. It's entire architectual aspect, rather than being an academy, was probably more like a huge palace.

At one corner, there was a building called the Yellow Dragon Temple. At first glance, it was not that much different from other multistoried buildings of three-layer structure, and it had a roof of yellow lapis lazuli tiles in vermillion-lacquered pillars. In fact. Any student enrolled in World Dragon knew well how special this place was.

––No, to be exact, what was special was not the place. But its Master.

It was the person, who inherited the nickname of <Divine Revelations>.

It was the person, who reigned in World Dragon.

The name of the person, who had been placed in the seat three years ago, at just the age of six, was Fan XingLu.

"Master, it is soon time for the regular report meeting." Zhao HuFeng announced after a short pause.

At the entrance of the hall Zhao HuFeng took the stance of Bao Qan with the right fist in the left palm.

HuFeng was ranked #5 in World Dragon Seventh Institute. Although he had a well-trained body, he was of short stature; and though he might be mistaken for a girl, due to his softly refined features and long hair, he was a full-fledged 17-year-old male student. Once highly hailed as a prodigy he had splendidly finished second in the previous Phoenix.

In fact, as HuFeng recalled himself at that time, he almost fainted in agony for he was like an ignorant frog in a well.

"Oh, it's already that time, huh."

The little girl, who was standing in the middle of the hall turned her face to that voice, and returned an innocent smile.She was a lovely girl, who tied her long black hair round like butterfly wings, and whom the World Dragon's uniform, which had the appearance of an ancient custom, suited well. Her height reached to HuFeng's chest.

It wasn't exactly too far-fetched, but for those who knew nothing, they would likely find it hard to believe that this small girl was the <Divine Revelations> Fan XingLu, rank #1 in World Dragon Seventh Institute, which boasted of the largest scale of Asterisk.

"Then, we will leave it as that for now. Everyone, thank you for your hard work. I will accept a challenge again at any time."

XingLu said so and looked around the hall. Dozens of students were lying on the floor gasping for breath.

They were all those who wished for apprenticeship to XingLu.

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