Saturday, June 4, 2016

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Volume 3 - The Phoenix Rebellious Warrior

Chapter 1 - The Opening Eve

"Um…… You are the <Murakumo>

Amagiri Ayato-senpai, right?"

During lunch break, as Ayato was taking his lunch at the table of the North Star Cafeteria, a lively female student with chestnut hair accosted him with a big smile.

"Umm……, May I have an autograph?"

Saying so, she readily extended a colored paper and a pen.
"Ah, yes…… I don't particularly mind."

Even though slightly pressed by the momentum, he wrote his name on the handed colored paper. Naturally, since he did not have a somewhat stylish signature, he wrote in his standard handwriting. Although confused at first, Ayato had somehow gotten used to it recently.

"Thank you…… very much! Good luck for the Phoenix! I will cheer for you!"
The girl, who received the signature, left while waving her hand greatly.


Ayato, who saw her off with a wry smile, suddenly noticed cold gazes directed at him and hurriedly turned around.

Then, Julis and Saya, who sat opposite to him, were glaring at him with scornful eyes.

"--Nothing. I just thought that the popular ones don't have it easy as usual."

"Ayato, you're too friendly. It worries me a lot."
"I-is that so……?"

While feeling slightly uncomfortable at the pressure of the two girls, who seemed displeased, Ayato scratched his head as troubled.It has already been one week since Ayato won the duel against Kirin and became the #1 rank of Seidokan Academy. These things were no longer unusual for him. In addition, it was a situation in which whatever such as fans letters, presents, coverage from the Media, various offers from companies, and the like, or anonymous harassment or intimidation, could occur.

Fortunately in the Academy, there seemed to be a department, which brought a follow of those sections, and though they were left in a lump, cases like fetching direct contact as a little while ago would naturally only be dealt by the concerned person himself.

"Princess and also Sasamiya, you shouldn't be so worked up on the details. Since a nameless non-ranked student has suddenly taken the first place, it's normal that it became like this."

Saying so while chuckling was Eishiro, who sat next to Ayato and was slurping the buckwheat noodles in hot broth.

Even looking at the past cases, in Seidokan Academy there were very few cases of a non-ranked student suddenly becoming #1 rank. This was because the nomination system in the official ranking matches made it impossible.

In the official ranking matches held monthly, the system was made so that, when a Page One received a duel request from a lower ranked student, he could not refuse the match; but the students, who participated in this, were divided in three major levels. The first one was that of the higher-ranked
students called 'Top Twelve', the second was the level of the 'up-and-coming' students, who had their name recorded in the Named Charts, and the third was the 'non-ranked' students, who did not have their name in the Named Charts.

In the official ranking matches, one could only appoint an opponent, who belonged to one level above. In other words, to appoint a Top Twelve as an opponent, it was necessary to at least belong to the level of up-and-coming students. Therefore, to suddenly become a Top Twelve from having been a non-ranked student, it was necessary to defeat one's opponent by the mean of duel ── generally, as the ranking became higher, one would tend to be indeed wary of duel.

In fact, it could be said to be natural if one considered the size of what would be lost by their being defeated.

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