Saturday, June 4, 2016

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Volume 2 - The Silver Beauty's Awakening

Chapter 1 - Rikka Garden Council

Located in Asterisk's central district, and conjoining the business and administrative districts was the large building known widely as "Hotel Elnath".

Although this building was constantly visited by VIPs and celebrities of every nationality, it was best known for something else, namely the spacious dome-shaped hanging gardens which occupied its top floor. The number of people privileged enough to make the pilgrimage here, with its paved, criss-crossing waterways and blooming flowers that paid no heed to the season, was infinitesimally small. Only a small cadre of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation's top brass were able to make their accomodations at this hotel, and only with express permission.

This garden locale, shockingly, was reserved for the patronage of an even smaller number of individuals, who made monthly visits. Those allowed past the gates of this sacred site numbered but six in the world at any given time - the six student council presidents of the six Asterisk schools.

"Good day, everyone. I trust you've all been well?"

Atop a small hill in the center of the garden sat a lone pavilion.

Within the pavilion rested a large, hexagonal desk which mirrored the geography of their city, one of six chairs sitting at each of its sides.

The girl who'd gracefully greeted her compatriots - Claudia - wore her usual gentle smile, as she met five pairs of eyes.

"Welcome, Miss Enfield; punctual as always."

The person Claudia had greeted with a smile was a young man seated to her left, who had the appearance of nobility. Whether it was his fine facial features or his exquisitely-groomed blond hair, he was a most handsome youth. His cool and steady demeanor and actions spoke of a maturity
beyond his years.

He wore a light smile, which seemed gentle, but in truth, was the same as Claudia's - a smile which hid all emotion behind an unchanging facade.

The distinctive white uniform which set him apart as a student of St. Garrardsworth Academy fit him precisely, as if tailored specifically for him."Now that everyone's arrived, let's begin. Everyone's time is most precious, after all."

As the blond youth spoke, he opened a window mid-air.

This was the monthly meeting held by the six student council presidents of Asterisk. As the hanging garden locale played host to this meeting, it was more commonly known as the "Rikka Garden Council".

On the surface, the goal of this meeting was to maintain friendly relationships between the six schools, encourage cooperation, and discuss items concerning the Festa. The truth of the matter was that this meeting played center stage for a match of wits and intrigue, as the schools sought
to wrestle intel from, and advantage over, their opponents.

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