Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ero Manga Sensei Volume 4

Chapter 1 

I’m Izumi Masamune, a novelist who is still going to school.

My pen name is Izumi Masamune, which is basically my real name. For a lot of reasons, I’m now living together with my hikikomori little sister, Izumi Sagiri.

In April, I learned her “real identity”
My little sister – Sagiri

Is also the light novel illustrator, Eromanga-sensei.
Well, let me make it quick then.

First, I and “Eromanga-sensei” spoke to try and clear up the complicated story. We talked about how my little sister is the cutest in the world.

And we talked about our dream that we're both striving for.
Us siblings, who were originally so far apart, had gradually become closer.

And this time --
Let me tell you another story about Eromanga-sensei.

September 12th, inside the locked room.
We were facing a Dark Eromanga-sensei.

Inside the room, aside from Sagiri and I, were Muramasa-senpai and Elf, both wearing swimsuits. They came here to act as Eromanga-sensei’s models.

Of course it sounds stupid, but let’s just ignore that for now.

The most important thing here is the computer screen. Which was originally meant to show Eromanga-sensei’s live stream video, but now was showing someone else.

The person wore a coat with an anime mask, so the gender was unclear.

Not to mention that the other side was very dark, the screen was unfocused, but I could see a small body frame.

But just that image alone had a special meaning for us.
--- Because that person looked exactly like Eromanga-sensei.

“It’s not me!?”
Of course. If the real one was right next to me then the one on the screen was a fake.

Besides, while the fake Eromanga-sensei on the screen did look somewhat familiar, there were some differences.

From the coat to the anime mask, everything was pitch black.
「Hey, are you watching ---」

He sneered, his voice clearly having gone through a voice changer. Just like Eromanga-sensei’s.

His anime mask also had a smile like any proper antagonists. And his tone fit that role perfectly.

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