Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ero Manga Sensei Volume 3

Izumi Masamune. Fifteen years old. High school, third year. Right now, I'm living as both a high school student and an author. My pen name is Izumi Masamune.

For various reasons, it has been a year since I began to live together alone with my hikikomori little sister.

"I need to quickly become independent to support my hikikomori little sister" - That was what I once

But now, I know that I was over thinking things.

Because my little sister - the blue eyed, white hair beauty Izumi Sagiri is the illustrator, Eromanga-

In some ways, her work paid even better than mine.

Let me take care of you

She also thought the same as me.
This is not your dream -- this is our dream.

We worked together and dreamt a dream together.

I fell in love with my little sister at first sight. After she rejected me, that feeling only burned brighter. I like Sagiri even more than before.

I like her all day and night.
I have someone I like.

But Sagiri has someone she likes.

So I tried to become her brother, to protect her, support her.

…Although it didn't sound very promising, and it wasn't like I could do anything right now…but…
The plan to "bring Sagiri outside" is still continuing.

This is the only way for my little sister to meet the person she likes.

Then I will bring you out of your room to watch the anime together! My original story, your character, our anime!

Because that is our dream.
Because that was the most happy thing in the world that I could think of.

Two of us laughing together without worrying about any bad memories. I wanted us to become that kind of siblings.

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