Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Date A Live Volume 12 - Itsuka Disaster

Prologue: The Beast of Demise 

---A roar echoed in the black sky.

Yes, even though it had the shape of a human, the beast was unmistakably a monster.

There is no will, no ego, just a clump of tyranny set on destruction. An avatar of overwhelming destruction. Its glowing appearance gave off the impression of a mythical creature and anyone that sees it will suffer the purest and most fundamental form of fear.

Reiryoku was swirling around it as the core, and was mowing down the trees in its blast radius. In this moonless night, the light emitted from it was so dazzling.

“You….have to be kidding me……….”

While hearing the roar that shook the air, sky and earth, Kotori clenched her fist as if to stop her trembling fingers.

That trembling was probably caused by her restrained fear. But, it was not caused by the roaring monster she was seeing right now---------rather, it’s probably caused by the emotions due to what she was going to do now.

Yes. Kotori had secretly made up her mind in her heart many years ago.
She was burdened with this mission.

If this monster was to appear.
She would use her very hands to----kill it.

But, the first thing that came back when she saw it was not her sense of duty or killing intent; it was just pure sadness and regret.

Why have things come to this? There might have been many ways to prevent this? Those thoughts swirled inside her mind and it was making her have issues with breathing.

But, it was too late.
Everything was settled.

Everything-----has ended.
What’s left is for Kotori to close the curtains.

Kotori called the name of the [Monster] with a painful voice.
“Why………….just why, Shidou………!”

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