Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Date A Live Volume 11 - Tobiichi Devil

Chapter 6: The One Struggling 

“……..err, are you done yet?”

Itsuka Shidou twitched his shoulders when a timid voice called out to him.

It seems Shidou dozed off for a while. When he looked towards the direction of  the voice, he found out that the small girl wearing glasses----Teacher Okamine Tamae AKA Tama-chan was holding the memo towards Shidou while making a troubled expression. It looks like she couldn’t move because Shidou was looking at it with a very serious look.

“! Y-Yes…..Thank you….very much”

After Shidou said that, he took a small bow before reverting back his posture.
Nevertheless, it was only natural for Shidou to have his eyes stolen by the memo.

The reason was simple. The date written there----was a date 5 years before [Today].

After Shidou gulped to wet his throat, he looked at his surroundings once more.

From what he could see, the buildings were slightly arranged different from his memories.
The different seasonal scenery from just now.

And also------Tama-chan-sensei does not know of Shidou.

Those factors slowly back up the unbelievable information written on her memo.
“Then, I will be leaving now okay……?”

Tama-chan tilted her head while asking. Shidou, who was immersed in thought while his eyebrows were closer, widen his eyes in surprise.  “Ah, yeah…….Sorry and thank you”

After Shidou said that, Tama-chan twisted her head in wonder while leaving the place.
After seeing her move away, he leaned his back against a fence.

“…………..5 years ago? You’ve got to be kidding me?”

Shidou pressed his forehead and groaned. There was a conflict occurring in his head because of his common sense trying to laugh off this absurd situation, and the various proofs shown in his view were colliding.

That’s normal. Time is unalterable and inviolable. It’s impossible for a time that passed to return back once more.

However, Shidou could not deny that fact.
There was one possibility scratching his mind. Right before Shidou came to this world, he encountered a certain girl.


After squeezing out that name from his dry throat, Shidou vividly recalled back that girl in his mind. She has unbalanced eyes, black hair, and white skin decorated with a crimson black dress. She also has a clock dial on her left eye.

Kurumi. Tokisaki Kurumi. The name of the worst unsealed Spirit.
She has an Angel known as <Zafkiel>. Its ability---was controlling time.

Each of the clock-shaped Angel's numbers had different abilities and by pouring the shadow coming from the number into her pistol, she can choose to accelerate, decelerate or even stop her target’s time.

And right before he came to this world, Shidou got shot twice by Kurumi’s bullet.
He pat his unwounded forehead while gulping.

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