Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Date A Live Volume 10 - Tobiichi Angel

Prologue: Tobiichi Origami 

It was 5 years from now, when the girl known as Tobiichi Origami became [Special].

She was smarter than a normal child; she was also excellent in her school grades and physical abilities but all of it was within normal limits and at the very least, it was at the level where her mother could act proud in the legal guardian association or parent-child meetings.

Her forte subject was math. Her weak subject was the Japanese language.
Her favorite food was gratin. Her hated food was celery.

Her future dream was----to be a cute wife.

The world was filled with common sense and no one would doubt that. If she performs things within her limits then her friends and the adults would praise her. She was not really conscious of whether or not that gentle world would continue forever.

But on that summer day, five years ago. Everything surrounding Origami changed.

---on that day. The scenery that came welcoming Origami when she returned back to the city was not her familiar city scenery, but rather a hellish scenery burning in crimson flames.

(Father, Mother……!)

When Origami recalled back her parent’s existence inside her house, she ran into the city wrapped in flames.

Thinking about it, it was an extremely reckless act. Even if Origami reaches back to her home, there was nothing she could do. However during that time, Origami was only thinking about checking her parent’s safety.  Not long later after Origami reached home, her father was holding her mother by the shoulders while kicking opening the door of her burning house before coming outside.

At that time, Origami could only be relieved. Both her father and mother were alive. She was so happy she extended her hands to take her father's hand while tears were floating on her eyes.

However, at that moment.

A light suddenly poured down from the sky and easily blew Origami’s body away.
And------her parents were right under that light.

They became small bits, and it was unthinkable that they had the shape of a human just a moment ago.

Origami was clattering her teeth while looking up at the sky.

The silhouette of the girl who released that light was there.
(It was you………)

--The one who killed my father and mother.
(I won’t forgive you……..! kill…………I will kill you…..! I will----definitely………!)

Raising a voice filled with resentment, Origami vowed her revenge.

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