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Date A Live Volume 09 - Natsumi Change

Chapter 6:The Children(Little Monsters)

19th October, Sunday.
There is an uproar right now inside the Itsuka house.

"shidou! I am hungry, shidou!"
"Shidou, I want to pee. I can't go alone. Follow me, Shidou"

"Darling! darling!"

"Everyone calm down! Wait, ah! Kaguya, Isn't that my chupa chups!"
"shidou! I want to eat rice, shidou!"

"Kuku, you baby. Don't be bound to such trivial matters, you will be disclosed as a pygmy you know?"

"Consent. Isn't one okay"
"Wait, you too! Give that back!"

"Aaaaah, here, it's okay, it's okay"

"Shidou, it's going to leak"
"Ku-kukuku! I will not return it back once it has fallen to my hands!"

"Escape. Catch me if you want it back"
"Darling! Darling!"

Naturally, Itsuka Shidou was carrying his head while letting sweat droop down his cheeks.

Even though he has a headache from the lack of sleep under normal circumstances, the continuous echoing high pitched voice, and *bata**bata* footsteps were mercilessly hitting it. Incidentally, 4 sides of hisshirts hem was being pulled from just now and is seemingly being stretched.

Inside the Itsuka house living room right now, there were 7 small demons…………rather, small girls there.

Everyone's age is most likely around 10 years old. It is an age which causes a lot of problem even under normal situation. In addition, each one of them would cry, shout, pull Shidou, and chase each other as they please. Being charged to look after these girls starting from a few days back, Shidou's fatigue can easily be guessed.

But, that was only normal. It's not like the girls wanted to be like this.

Shidou made a small sigh before lifting his face, looking at the little monsters rampaging in the living room.

One was calling him repeatedly because she was hungry, and is a beautiful girl with long black hair and crystal eyes.

One has been persistently trying to invite Shidou to the toilet from just now, and is an expressionless girl that looks like a doll.

One is a girl wearing a puppet in her left hand and looks like she is about to cry any moment soon.
One is a proud looking girl with her hair tied into two sides while eating chupa chups.

One is prank loving girl which is in the middle of escaping from the previous girl because she stole a candy.

One is a girl with a blank expression and has the face similar to the prank loving girl.
One is a girl with a very beautiful voice and is a little taller than everyone else.

Everyone would be very cute girls if they kept quiet. But--------the important thing wasn't that. Shidou looked at the girls by order and gulped. Shidou was familiar with these girls' faces.

Tohka, Origami, Yoshino, Kotori, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and also, Miku.

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