Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Date A Live Volume 08 - Natsumi Search

Prologue: Another Shidou

On top of the school roof.

Shidou was staring at the young man standing out in front of him, and was blankly standing still.
The reason was simple. That young man's figure was extremely bizarre.

But even so, it's not like his face was as creepy as a monster nor did he have an eerie face. If an unrelated person were to look at him, they would only get the image of a very ordinary young man.

He has hair that hanged to his eyes and androgyny facial features. He has a medium build, and the shirt covering him was the Raizen highschools winter uniform.

It was not like he has anything weird about him, it was just an ordinary young man.
However, Shidou was horrified. He gulped and made his sights sharp.

"You………..who on earth are you?"
"……..who am I? What are you saying?"

When Shidou asked, the young man shrugs his shoulders while replying.
Then, the side of his lips rose up while continuing.

"--------It's Itsuka Shidou. Can't you tell from looking?"
After saying that, the young man, made a happy smile.

Towards the bizarreness, Shidou raised his eyebrows unintentionally.

Yes. The young man standing in front of Shidou was-------someone with the exact face as Shidou.From the head to toe and no different from Shidou's memories, the young man who looked like Shidou when he sees himself in the mirror every morning, was over there standing.

The young man with the same face as Shidou, playfully looked at Shidou's state before, making a sigh and moving his mouth.

"----------you really don't know? It's me"

Hearing the young man's voice, Shidou once again raised his eyebrows.
That's because his voice, was not Shidou's but, belongs to a female.

No---------that was not all. Towards that voice, Shidou was familiar with it.
"Don't tell me………..Natsumi……..!?"

When Shidou called out that name, the young man made a grin.
"------fufu, correct. You finally realized, Shidou-kun"

"Wha, what is with that form! What kind of reason………"
When Shidou talked to her, Natsumi unexpectedly distorted her expression.

"What kind of reason, you say? Didn't I say it before.-------that the person that knows my secret, I will not let that person go that easily……..prepare yourself. I will mess someone like you into a broken pulp……!"

Natsumi said in detest and *Pi!* pointed her thumbs downwards.

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