Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Date A Live Volume 07 - Miku Truth

Chapter 6: Nightmare, Reappear 

“You seem to be in some sort of trouble – ne, Shidou-san, would you like, to  negotiate with me?” From within a dark room in the abandoned building.

The girl who had appeared from the dark shadows, said so while smiling in an  odd manner.

The sight in front of him, caused Shidou to be shocked and surprised, to the point where he could not even scream, where he could only watch. It was a girl, so beautiful, that it causes people to shudder in fear.

Then again, to use such a phrase, “shuddering in fear” …… which does not describe beauty at all, to describe the girl in front of him, the reason for that can be understood by the words that she said. What was on her smiling face was not a face of kindness or joy, but rather, a face of a predator, one that causes people to have goose bumps as a result of nervousness.

Black, uneven hair on both sides, shaking while accompanied by a giggle, with a blood red dress wrapping her frail body. However, what truly makes this girl unique was her eyes. On her face was a pair of differently-coloured eyes. If one looks closely, they can see her left eye showing a clock, with the fingers ticking away in a regular manner.

“Tokisaki… Kurumi…!?”
Shidou only managed to squeeze the name of the girl from his throat. Kurumi.

Shidou’s former classmate – the worst Spirit who murders on her own volition.
As Kurumi listened to Shidou, her eyebrows twitched slightly as she relaxed her shoulders.

“Ara, did I mistake things. –I saw a Spirit abducting Yoshino-san and the Yamai sisters, Tohka-san captured by DEM Industries… and your helpless expression.”

Shidou began to tense up.

—It was exactly as Kurumi said.

A few hours ago before now. Shidou had been in the Tengu Square where the Tenou Festival is held, against the Spirit that controls music and sound – Miku Izayoi.

However, Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru and the audience were all controlled by Miku, as a result of her Angel “Gabriel<Army-Breaker Diva>”

In addition, Kotori, who had heard the “music” through the speaker, had also became an enemy… coupled with the sudden appearance of Ellen, a Wizard of DEM Industries, who had abducted Tohka.
Shidou, who had barely escaped with his life, had managed to successfully hide in an abandoned building away from the streets, but he could do nothing other than hit the floor weakly with his fists.

Indeed, she was correct. No, it was because of this, that he couldn’t understand what she meant.

“…Why do you know all of these?”
“Ufufu, please don’t ask such boring questions. As long as it concerns Shidou-san, doesn’t it mean that I have a right to know?”

As she said, Kurumi revealed a cute smile. For some reason, the shadow at Kurumi’s feet moved at the same time, as if one could almost hear a giggle from the other side of the shadow.

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