Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Date A Live Volume 06 - Miku Lily

Prologue: The Girls' Tryst

The inside of Tenguu school area's big exhibition hall was filled and overflowing with young liveliness.

It was the Tenguu Joint Senior High School Festival, the festival which occurs once per year. The surroundings were filled with various refreshment booths and display items lined up. There were also many students with different school uniforms calling costumers with loud voices.

"Ufufu, hey------where should we go next—"

Inside that space condensed with youthful sweat and tears, Itsuka Shidou was walking with a cute girl.

She looks like a graceful girl with her body wrapped in a navy blue sailor uniform. Her long hair held with a single scrunchie. She has a beautiful face decorated with a cheerful expression. She was properly wearing a knee skirt uniform, so even though she has excellent proportions, none of them stood out.

But, by any case if she was given a factor of being most impressive in her existence then…………..Shidou would most likely not choose the mentioned remark to his throat.

The reason was because of her [Voice]. Even just by exchanging a conversation, if he were to just lose focus for an instant, her beautiful voice, which when heard could make one fall in love, would intermittently shake Shidou's eardrums. It gives an intoxicating feeling similar to that of [Hearing drugs]. She-----Izayoi Miku, was the owner of a beautiful voice and if the times were better, she would probably be either a vocalist or a professional storyteller that would be summoned to the royal court.

"I am a little hungry. Would you like to eat anything?"

But that girl who owns such a beautiful voice, didn't pay heed to that, and nonchalantly made a smile while tilting her head. Shidou unintentionally made a wry smile.

It was a happy 120% pure festival date scenery, that can make 90% of male high school students go into their delusions. In reality, just now there were many customers that came to the festival, looking at Shidou and Miku. An example for a worst case would be, there were even some people taking their photos without permission.But……………the fact is that it was not done because of jealousy or envy, Shidou somehow understood that. The reason was very simple.


Shidou made a deep sigh--------towards the high-pitched voice that leaked out from his throat, he once again spilled out another sigh.

"What………am I doing"

With a voice that sounds like a girl's no matter how many times it was heard, he said that.
Right now, the thing Shidou is wearing is totally different from what he usually wears.

He had long hair that tickles his back, his face had been naturally touched-up with gloss, mascara, blush and foundation. And covering his whole body was a dark blue dress and an apron filled with many frills, it was the so-called maid-san style.

To put it in an even simpler way, right now Shidou looks like a girl no matter which angle one looked from.

"Hey hey, Shiori-san. Do you like crepes----?"

Having no idea what was inside Shidou's mind, Miku talked to him with a cheerful voice.

After Shidou released a deep sigh once more, and as if to respond to her, he once again released a girlish voice.

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