Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Date A Live Volume 05 - Yamai Tempest

Prologue: Reverse Conquest

"...How did it end up like this?"

Shidou, after muttering hopelessly, blinked to check what kind of situation he was being put in right now.

Shidou confirmed that there were two girls in his field of vision.

One of them had bright colored hair and it was fixed up. She looked like a girl with an unyielding spirit.

Both sides of her cute lips were slightly raised, and a beautiful bold smile floated on her face. From her exposed collarbone to her neck was exquisite curve in contrast to her exaggerated behavior. There was a ticklish charm overflowing out from her that was stirring somewhere in his senses.

"Kuku……oh, Shidou. What is troubling you? All you have to do is choose me, Yamai Kaguya. If you do that I will see to it that all your dreams come to fruition"

After saying that, the girl—Kaguya pulled out her hand elegantly as if she was performing in an opera, and lifted Shidou's chin. It was such a simple action, and yet, it felt like electric shocks were assaulting and flowing inside his brain.

But---that wasn't all to it.

The other girl looked strangely like Kaguya—to the point you could wonder whether she was a Doppelganger—and her looks were almost the same as the latter's.

Her hair was braided into three strands, and her eyes had no trace of energy in them. In contrast to that, Shidou's eyes were instinctively fixed on her proportions, while he being charmed by the sexy feeling from looking at it.

"Temptation. Shidou, instead of Kaguya, please choose Yuzuru. If you were to take Kaguya's weak body, you would only be compensated by a tasteless pleasure."

After saying that, she used the tip of her fingers to pat Shidou's cheeks.

Shidou spontaneously stiffened up at that sensual feeling."Fuu………..give up, give up. If someone like you were to make a move on him, you would only be bothering Shidou."

"Sarcastic laugh. Since you can't beat me directly, you must do something shameful like picking on Yuzuru's actions."

As soon as Kaguya and Yuzuru's eyes met, both of them looked back at Shidou at the same time, and then, again at the same time, both of them immediately held their hands out.

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