Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Date A Live Volume 04 - Itsuka Sister

Chapter 6: Time Penetrating Flame

Raizen High School's rooftop was currently encased in shadows.
It was not a metaphor.

The time was 1700 hours, the sun had already begun to set, however the sky was still being illuminated.

Furthermore, between the stars and the earth, there was not a hint of cloud cover to block the sunlight.

It was precisely because of that that the location where Itsuka Shidou is at seemed to be separated from the surrounding scenery and is being covered by a shade of darkness.

It was extremely clear. Shidou and the rest were currently in the midst of a battlefield that could massacre the world.

The owner of the shadows had a whimsical attitude; she would cause an unexpected outcome when she feels like it. They were in a territory where their very existences could be easily consumed.


Within a space that had been separated from the rest of the world, Shidou widened his eyes, having difficulty breathing.

Don't talk about turning over, he couldn't even move. No, even speaking is problematic.

The reason for that was extremely simple. Shidou, at present, was currently having his limbs and body restrained by several girls and was firmly held down onto the ground. They were considerate to the point where they even inserted their slender fingers in his mouth, preventing his lower jaw and tongue from moving.

—Obviously it was, an abnormal scene.
The rooftop was full of girls in black, and all of them had the same looks.

Black hair tied into unequal length on the left and right, skin so white one could have mistaken them to be ill. And that left eye that had a clock face and hands, just like a clock.

All of these girls, were all [Tokisaki Kurumi].From one side, Shidou saw the figures of Tohka and Origami. The two of them were the same as Shidou and were pinned down by several Kurumis, having pained expressions.

Although Shidou was unable to see from his position, but Mana who had been shot down earlier, should be on the other side of the human wall created by Kurumi.

There was no place left to run. The fighting strength on Shidou's side had already been neutralized, an overwhelming difference in numbers.

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