Thursday, June 2, 2016

Date A Live Side Stories - Date A Akihabara



On a certain afternoon.

Sweat formed on Shidou's brow as he covered his mouth, slowly walking down the path.

Both sides of the path were filled with shops selling electronic appliances, manga, game centers and the like, on the exterior of the buildings, banners and signs with cute girls were displayed on it. It was a sight that is rarely seen at other streets.

Akihabara. Without a doubt, it is the sacred land for otakus.

But Shidou specifically took the train to this very street, yet did not enter any shops, only patronising the curry and ramen shops, and even the old shops that had a history selling soba and sukiyaki.

The reason for that was extremely simple.

"Nuu? What's the matter, Shidou, you look like you're suffering"

Saying that, Tohka, who had been walking in front of Shidou, looked back.

She was a girl with hair as dark as night and crystal clear eyes that makes it hard to believe that she was born with it. But her energetic behaviour and happy smile, made the mysterious atmosphere around her become a more kind and amiable one.

That's right. Since morning, Shidou had been accompanying this gourmet to various shops as she pleased.

"......No matter how delicious this is, I really am at my limit."
"Uwuu......Is that so. Then we should stop soon.——But, there's a place that I want to go. Can we?"

"Ahhh……But, I only want water to drink."

Tohka energetically nodded, and led Shidou into a certain shop. And so———"Welcome back! Ojou-sama, Goshujin-sama!"

Being greeted by a girl in a maid costume so courteously the instant they stepped into the shop, Shidou couldn't help but gasp.

After being brought to a seat by the maid, he waited for Tohka to make her order before voicing out.

"Heh......They sure are quite particular about this. But, how shocking. I never thought Tohka would come to a maid cafe."

"Nwu.Their moe-moe omelette rice seem to be the best around here."
"……Ahhh, sorry about that, so it wasn't a coincidence after all."

Shidou laughed bitterly after saying so, after a while, the maid arrived with the omelette rice.

"Please enjoy the special moe-moe omelette rice! You can write your favourite word, what do you wish to write?"

"Nu......? I don't know. Can I leave it to you?"
"Please leave it to me!"

After saying so, she opened the cap of the bottle of tomato sauce, skillfully wrote the word [moe], using a heart to act as the word's border.

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