Thursday, June 2, 2016

Date A Live - Ratatoskr's Daily Observations

Case 1


There was no one else in the Itsuka residence. Tohka bent down and placed her hands on her knees as she stared at the fridge's contents.

That's because there was a single pudding placed inside.

It wasn't the cheap ones that was sold inside the convinence stores, but a high-quality one that was sold in patisseries. Ever since she saw it by chance when she opened the fridge, Tohka's sights had been locked on to it.

"Can......I eat that......"

Slowly reaching out to it......she suddenly shook her head forcefully when she was just about to touch the pudding.

"I-I can't......shidou could have been saving this for himself......"
After that she closed the fridge. However......

"B-but, if it is just the smell......"
Tohka gulped, once again reaching out to the pudding.

But just as she was about to touch it, the thought of Shidou's upset expression over not being able to eat the pudding came into her head, Tohka's body trembled.

"N-no......If this continues......!"

Tohka used her left hand to restrict her right hand that was reaching out for the pudding, she closed the fridge's door, sat down on the chair in the kitchen. Tohka used the plastic rope beside her to tie her body up.

Furthermore, she made sure to stop her drool from coming out via duct tape
"......, ..................! (I-I'll be alright if it's like this......!)"

Several minutes later. Shidou who had returned home got a huge fright upon seeing Tohka in that condition, he even wanted to call the police.

However——after hearing what had happened, Shidou couldn't help but smile, praising Tohka as he stroked her head.

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