Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cube x Cursed x Curious Volume 08


Haruaki was returning to his room after a bath when he heard suspicious noises inside. With his hand reached out, just about to open the door, he froze his posture.

"If I remember right, it should be around here..."
"Hmm... Let's make the most of this chance..."

A team of two thieves, apparently. Their voices sounded very familiar.
(What are these two doing...?)

Haruaki quietly looked into the room through the gap in the sliding door—When arresting thieves, it was best to catch them in the act.

Two figures could be seen inside the room. One was a petite girl whose unique silver hair swayed—Fear—while the other was a black-haired girl who was even more petite—namely, Kuroe. The two of them were tiptoeing around, ransacking his closet's top shelf in search of something.

That compartment should not contain anything other than clothing like underwear or socks.
"We can't be found out and it must be used at night..."

"I know."
"Hey, Ficchi, how about this one?"

"Hmm... Not bad, I'm imagining it... Really big... Will it fit inside...?"
More fragments of mutterings could be heard. Haruaki gulped.

Incomprehensible. What were these two girls talking about? What were they planning to steal his underwear for?

(Can't be found out... Must be used at night... Also, can't fit something really big... W-What are these images in my mind...?)

Haruaki gulped again, still unable to comprehend. Or rather, comprehension felt like it would be too dangerous. Perhaps because his chaotic emotions spread to his fingertips, the sliding door shook slightly. In the next instant, Kuroe turned her head back abruptly.Haruaki had stopped listening halfway. Creak creak creak—Haruaki turned his head stiffly and looked at the culprit who had imparted Fear with troublesome information.

Kuroe smiled tenderly and returned his gaze with a meaningful look that seemed to be saying "You understand, right?"

Did she mean this? What every parent in the world agonized about... The challenge of "when should I reveal the truth of Santa Claus to my child?" had finally descended upon him as well. Clearly this was something inconsequential, but why did he feel so troubled by it?

Haruaki switched their location to the living room, sighing as he sipped tea from his cup. Fear buried herself in the kotatsu, humming a song as she rapidly surfed through television channels with the remote control. In the end, the sock was taken directly back to Fear's room. Haruaki could not
bear himself to stop her because of the same reason that made him troubled about revealing the truth of Santa Claus.

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