Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cube x Cursed x Curious Volume 17

Staring at the smile on Kuroe's face while she was pinned under him—staring intently—
Pendragon was instantly shocked.

Inserting his finger into Kuroe's mouth, he forced her jaw open, only to see at the corner of her lips...
Saliva dripping down, mixed with a red liquid.
"Hey... Are you trying to commit suicide by biting your tongue?"

She was serious. Had he not stopped her, she definitely would have bitten her own tongue off.
Pendragon felt greatly shaken after realizing this. He found it incomprehensible.

"—Why? Why do you have to go this far...?"
"You're asking me why?"

Kuroe was still smiling with a philosophical expression. This also troubled Pendragon.

"I don't intend to kill you. I just want to make you mine like Riko and Granaury, so I won't do anything excessive to you. No matter what, that's better than dying, right?"

"Is it~? But to me, it's the same as death."

Pendragon frowned. Kuroe remained calm and composed as always.

"Freedom is what I desire. Being cursed, I've caused trouble to many people. My curse was lifted after I moved to Haru's house. This was something I decided on my own, having led this kind of life."
After a pause, she smiled again.

"I want to enjoy my life. To enjoy life freely, unfettered by anyone or anything. If my freedom was taken away... To me, it would be the same as death."

That was why she tried to commit suicide by biting her tongue? Pendragon still could not understand.
Even so, he was at least certain that Kuroe was speaking the truth from the bottom of her heart.
She was truly resolved to take her own life.

He felt the pain of a certain emotion stirring in the depths of his heart. A pain that shook him, the strongest being.

How unlike him. Why was he so flustered? Hurry and calm down.
"Oh, I won't run away or bite my tongue anymore. Can I get up now...? Upsy-daisy."

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