Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cube x Cursed x Curious Volume 14


The backs of the students' heads were spaced out regularly in a row, with even some of them napping, nodding frequently. Next to the blackboard, the clock slowly carved out the passage of time. Someone's textbook fell on their desk with a thud. Some students were playing with their cellphone.
Some girls were passing notes to neighboring desks. Some boys were reading manga under their desks.

Countless English letters were written in cursive on the blackboard. For some reason, instead of a certain new petite female teacher, starting from a few classes ago, these English words were written by the elderly head of year, currently teaching from the lectern. However, the English coming from his mouth was no different from a hypnotic incantation. The chalk wrote at a sluggish pace. The sound of attentive students turning the pages of their notebooks echoed within the classroom like the flapping of wings. No matter how much anyone wished, the hands of the clock did not advance at all—

To most people, this was probably a daily sight that could not be more commonplace.
But to Yachi Haruaki, that was not so.

This was simply the situation.
Resting his chin on his hand, elbow against the desk, he had his face turned to the side, staring out of the open window.

Spacing out, he cast his gaze towards the sunny blue sky.
Or rather, this might not be what one would call a stare.

Perhaps this was the act of "looking at nothing at all."

Silently, he sighed. Perhaps even he was not aware of it. Ever since this lesson started, it was anyone's guess how many times he had sighed already. His sighs were like lost children, drifting out the window, disappearing without trace.

Indifferent in gaze. Imperceptible will. He was completely like a plant.
Until the end of class, all along—

Staring ahead aimlessly nonstop, breathing out aimless sighs—

During PE class, the students were playing dodge ball. The girls were exchanging glances, even swallowing apologies back down their throats.

After the ball bounced off the silver-haired girl's head, she simply stood dazed in one spot, staring blankly without even glancing at the ball rolling away after bouncing off her.

"Umm~ Fear-chan, are you okay...?"
"Hmm...? What are you talking about?"

"Uh, basically... the ball..."
"Oh, sure, the ball. Yeah, the ball. I know. This one, right?"

Speaking in a distracted tone of voice, Fear sluggishly picked up the ball then passed it to the outfield girl who was talking to her.

"Take it, don't lose it again."

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