Monday, June 20, 2016

Angel Beats! -Track Zero- Extra Chapter 2 - Monday Before Sunrise II

This is a report on Gldemo’s meetings.

“Our concerts are lackin’ de flare dese days,” Iwasawa said one day, backstage (in some empty classroom) after a live concert. “Really? The fans seemed pretty fired up to me,” Hisako replied, wiping away her sweat.

“Of course dey are! Dat’s cos of all de killer-tunes Oi wrote!” Iwasawa started another one of her music-nut rants, “But ye tink dat’s goin’ te be enoof?! How long do ye tink we can keep goin’ loike dis?! Normally, we’d graduate after three years, but in dis warrld, we’ll alwus be turd years! What? Are we jist gonna keep leechin’ off me lyrical creativity ’til it runs out?! Git off yer lazy arses! Contribute! Don’t jist practice yer own parts an’ push everytin’ else onte me!!”

“Well, do you want me to write lyrics?” Hisako suggested.
“Can ye write killer tunes?”

“Nothing at your level, but still.”
“Oh, so jist some half-arsed tin’ dat’d barely make it te de album!? We don’t need dat crap!”

“I can try my best.”

“What do ye tink Gldemo songs are? If dis warrld had an Oricon, our songs would rank first every toime! Dat’s de koind of songs we do! It’s at a level dat even Akimoto Yasushi’d git jealous over, if we were in de warrld of de livin’.”

Where did she get that kind of confidence…

“Yer songs are, at most, freebies dat’d git tossed inte singles as CD padders. No way in hell dey’d make it te de albums.”

“That’s kind of harsh…”

“Jist forgit it. I’ll handle de song writin’. Killer tunes will keep on comin’, so dontche worry. What ye shud worry ’bout, is findin’ some ways te contribute other dan jist playin’ yer own instruments, alroi!? Irie! Anytin’?!”

“Like maybe drumming in my swimsuit, so all the NPC boys would pay attention to me?”
“Swimsuits!? Naw! A pair of panties is all ye need!”

“Eh? And up top?”
“Use yer hands.”

“Hold on, how is she supposed to drum then?” Hisako calmly raised her objection.

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