Monday, June 20, 2016

Angel Beats! -Track Zero- Extra Chapter 1 - Monday Before Sunrise

Where should I start…

About what? About the members of Girls Dead Monster of course, or Gldemo for short.

By the way, Girls Dead Monster is a rock band, where I, Sekine, play as the bassist.

Moreover, that very name was created by no other than yours truly.

Back when the band first formed, our seniors, Iwasawa and Hisako, were so strict and scary, so I one day jokingly told Irie, our drummer,

“These people are monsters… You leave me here and make your own escape, Miyukichi…”

And from that, the name was born.

~ ~ ~

Okay, allow me to introduce the band members. First up is one of our seniors, Hisako.

Her nickname is Hisako. (Sure didn’t change much~☆)

Hisako is the lead guitarist of our band.

You’d never expect it, but she also has another side to her: an avid gambler.

To be more specific: an avid, cheating gambler.

I actually got a peek of her treacheries at work a while back.

It was quite a spectacle.

That day, I was playing hide-and-seek with Miyukichi and was hiding inside a locker.

The sun was about to set, so I was wondering if I should come out. Then suddenly the lights came on. A bunch of people came in, said, “Let’s do this!”, and then sat down around a table.

There went my chance to leave.

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