Monday, June 20, 2016

Angel Beats! -Track Zero- Chapter 7 - Eve Of Battle

"The fact that that woman has escaped means that a battle is going start again.  Therefore… "

Yurippe shined the light at the wall.

"Everybody choose a weapon from inside there."

There were countless weapons placed side-by-side.

It was like a weapon selection screen in an RPG.    It also had the feeling of the history of the world's wars or something.

"Because I'm a sage, I'll use this staff."

"How can you take something that looks like a toy?    Use this instead.    It's a meteor hammer."

It was a weapon consisting of a metal ball with innumerable spikes joined to a handle of linked chain.

"I can't even lift that!"

"Carry it.    Bash in that woman's head with this thing."

"That's so violent!!!"

The woman's most menacing skill was her ability to suddenly close the gap with her amazing speed.

I chose a 3 meter long pike.

"A spear, eh.    Able to both advance and pin down, definitely a useful choice."

"Well, I haven't got much confidence in my skills with it…. What are you planning to wield?"

"Me? Hmm…"

Yurippe picked up a rather simple Western-style sword.

"Why are you the only one carrying something so normal?"

She then picked up a katana and held it in her other hand.

"Any more comments?"

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