Monday, June 20, 2016

Angel Beats! -Track Zero- Chapter 3 - Meltdown

"Wait, wait a minute!    We're going to meet your friend, Hinata?"

The next morning, at the start of the first class, I caught Ooyama's hand, and walked into the quiet hallway.

"Yes we are, so what?"

This response from me was like a mix of Yurippe's catchphrases.    Damn, I'm probably completely brainwashed.

"That's too violent!! No way no way no way!! Forget about me!"

"Do you know anything about this world? Our bodies can't be killed."

"Even if that's so, if I'll have my eyes poked out by chopsticks, be shot by a gun, or whatever, I don't want to have anything to do with people like that!"

"Are you a human?    Then it's impossible for you to avoid being wrapped up in this.

"Save me----!!"

I dragged him along.

~ ~ ~

"Who's this guy?",

Yurippe asked me after she glanced at Ooyama.

"He's an ally that I found.    My roommate is a human."

"Is that so?    Well, being afraid to this extent really isn't normal.    He's definitely human then."

Ooyama crouched on the floor, and shivered like a newborn fawn.

"He's really quite frightened, how pitiable.... He must be having flashbacks of memories of his death.    Did he just arrive here.....?"

"Actually, it's a bit difficult for me to say, but...."

"What is it?"

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