Monday, June 20, 2016

Angel Beats! -Track Zero- Chapter 2 - Navy Blue

As I raced to catch up with Yurippe, I saw a group of teachers in front of her.

"Principal's office"

Rushing into the crowd of teachers, Yurippe forced herself through.

"Hey, didn't you hear the announcement?  Students need to go back to class!"

A teacher grabbed her by her arm.

"Oh... was there really that announcement... !!"

Pow!  Suddenly, the teacher took a blow from Yurippe's iron elbow and could only double over.

Isn't this far too lawless?

One by one, the teachers who tried to hold down Yurippe were knocked away and scattered.

Now, she was at the door.

"I'm going to bust in."

"But you haven't thought this through!?"

Without hesitation, she threw the doors open and charged inside.

Right now, all I could do was summon my courage and continue.  Bracing myself, I followed her in.

A male student stood in the principal's office, he had a grandfatherly man in a suit who looked to
be the principal in a headlock.

He held a gun in his hand.

Apparently it was for the principal's resistance [tl note1].  Furthermore, the barrel was now pointed
at Yurippe.

"I said it before, if you come closer, I'll fire.  Are you guys stupid or something ...?"

"Oh my~~"

"Look, this is trouble."

She was like a beautiful moth drawn to a flame.

But in this world, moths can't burn to death from the fire.

Yurippe spoke without a hint of nervousness: "I know what you want to say.  Yes, just as you're thinking, I don't even need to spell it out.  Come, let's team up."

"Your lines sure are unexpected."

"Team up? What a joke.  In this world, how can I trust anything but myself?"

"Believe me, I can become a powerful ally."

"Hah... interesting.  Then, strip for me."

"Ffff, ha!?"

I looked at Yurippe.

"I say, you'd better not let me down. Drop those third-rate soap opera side character lines already.  You've just performed a world-changing feat.  This is really amazing.  You should do yourself a favor and not demean yourself with such words."

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