Monday, June 20, 2016

Angel Beats! -Track Zero- Chapter 1 - A Rocket for Two

Climbing atop to the roof‟s fence, I inspect my surroundings from the highest point of the school.

A field resides just bit away from the foot of this building. To its left, there‟s a building that houses an indoor tennis court, and a place that seems to be an auditorium.

What a ridiculous amount of space this school occupies.

The place I‟m looking at though, is the world beyond the school‟s premise.

A forest spans on and on, and then ends in a thick mist, blocking anything beyond from view.

“What is with this place…? What happened to the world outside…?”

“Off, you, go!”

A girl‟s voice comes from behind.



I wake up to find myself lying in bed.

In a room painted in white.
It‟s the infirmary.

There‟s a girl standing beside me, with a headband on her head.

“I know what you are gonna say. Yup, it‟s exactly what you‟re thinking. No need to say it.”

“What the hell?! Hey! Weren‟t you the asshole that kicked me off the building?! I almost died! Holy crap, I survived! From that high! It‟s a freaking miracle!”

“Oh? Weren‟t you trying to test if you can die or not?”
“Why the hell would I wanna test that?!”

“Humph, so you are dumber than I expected. I thought you‟d have noticed it by now.”

With her hand holding her chin, she lets out a “hmm” sound from her nose, and then looks away in disgust.

“What are you talking about?”
“Don‟t you two have class?”

A voice from across the headband girl. The school nurse, it seems.
“Ah, we‟re going.”

The girl answers.
“Let‟s talk somewhere else.”

And then, the school bell rings.

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