Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Absolute Duo Volume 5


“Gimle the country protected by the silver wolf-------- The beast incarnation of god, huh……..”

4 years ago in winter-----

The <<Exceed>> with the nickname <<Stellar>>- Valeria Carlyle saw the legend in front of her at a small country located in Northern Europe.

IT happened when she chased the traces of a criminal organization that ran to Gimle and stepped into a thick forest that looked perfect for wild animals to lurk around.

Suddenly, a gunshot echo mixed in the sound of a raging blizzard.

Next off, there was a scream.

(…………an internal dispute? Or, were they attacked by animals?)

While preparing for several cases, she ran with all her strength towards the direction where the gunshot and scream came from------

Valeria gasped when she reached the spot.

All of the members she was chasing after were all lying on the snow.

(…………what is going on?)

The men groaning on the red-smeared snow were all carved with the same type of wound.

The wounds weren’t from the fangs or claws of an animal and were clearly from a sharp blade.

The line of internal dispute would be in the likelihood, that won’t be true but as long as the whole group has the same wounds.

(What happened here………..!!)

Bewilderment instantly turned to cautiousness.
That’s because she felt someone’s presence-----or strong murder intent.

The view Valeria was looking at-----
Had an animal there.

“Silver wolf”

Even though she can’t get a fix on its appearance because of the blowing blizzard, it had the presence of a wild animal.

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