Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zero no Tsukaima Volume 17

Chapter 1: Saito's Despair

"Uu… uu"

When Saito opened his eyes, he found himself lying on a bed of the mansion. Rays of morning light shone through the window.

"Are you okay, Saito-san?!"

Saito replied with a croaking voice.
"What exactly happened yesterday?" Siesta asked in a hurry.

"Siesta, what's wrong with me?" a pale-faced Saito asked.

"What do you mean? Because you were late in coming home, I went to search for you. Later, I found you lying on the side of a street… May I ask if you have found Miss Vallière yet?"

Jolts of dull pain assailed the back of his head.
While in pain, Saito remembered the events of the previous night vividly.

He had left the mansion to search for Louise.
Then, he was attacked by two men and a woman claiming to be the Elemental Siblings.

The "blade" was big and terrifying.
Then, because the blade had absorbed the energy, it exploded and shattered into pieces…

Saito softly murmured, looking at the Japanese sword by his bedside.

"Derf-san? That sword? Now that you mention it, I haven't seen him anywhere…"
"He's not around anymore. He shattered into pieces,"

Saito distractedly answered. Siesta wept, covering her mouth with her hands with an 'ah'. Siesta clearly understood how close the relationship between the wise sword and Saito had been.

"How did that happen? Derf-san, is he really dead…?"
Saito began to talk about what happened the previous night. While he was drunk, he had found the keys in the kitchen.

"Isn't there… a basement we couldn't get into? Those are the keys to it. In the basement, there is a very clean room…… later I found that the room is linked to the palace… and at the end of it……"
Linked to the palace.

Through these words, Siesta seemed to notice something.
"Ah," she uttered a startled expression… and then considered something while scratching her neck.

"Could it be that…"
"H-her Majesty the Queen came through…"

"Yes… Her Majesty Henrietta. Other than the arrival of Her Majesty the Queen, there was nothing else."

Siesta was staring at Saito in a scary manner.
"Ah, so, because we were both interested in the basement… we'd taken a look! Just as we were inspecting the room, Louise……"

"You were discovered?"
From her serious tone, Saito nodded.

"What were the two of you doing?"

When Siesta heard that, her countenance darkened and she mercilessly slapped Saito on the face.
"Pa!" it clearly echoed throughout the entire room.

"This is for Miss Vallière."
Saito, listless, opened his eyes wide in shock.

"And then?"
"'Then' what…?"

A still useless Saito, who had not completely woken up from his trance, asked Siesta.
"From there, continue."

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